I was born and raised in Kansas, far away from the electricity of Silicon Valley. In high school, I was actually a sweet potato farmer with aspirations of studying horticulture in college. One day, I ran out of soil sensors for my field trials, so I started making my own sensors by learning to program cheap microcontrollers!

Since that fateful experience, I've worked across a variety of software engineering roles at NASA + Google and product management roles also at Google, leading projects with real impact. After graduating from WashU, I'll be an Associate Product Manager @ Twitter.

But I'm most proud of the incredible friends I've made along the way. Together, we've laughed, cried, triumphed, hustled, made mistakes, and gotten back up again. Life is never easy, but it's pretty damn awesome knowing you're not alone for the ride~

Thanks for listening!

-- David Lietjauw

(from Kansas 😎)

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