Associate Product Manager intern

Google May 2019 - August 2019

As a Google APM intern, I worked on Google’s Chromebook team where I led a cross-functional team specializing in design, marketing, and engineering to launch “What’s New”, a new feature in ChromeOS that highlights significant recent updates for Chromebooks. I guided my team through an extremely tight set of deadlines by effectively communicating the needs of others, unblocking the engineering team by coding a progressive web app to test our feature, and designing UI mocks to convey specs. In the end, we launched to Beta and Stable channels, impacting ~XX million users, garnering positive press.

-> -> Press Coverage: Android Police, Chromestory, Reddit, 9to5Google, XDA-Developers

My other work involved creating a competitive analysis for iPadOS, researching Apple product strategy and opportunities for leadership. I explored the motivations behind iPadOS, where Apple was going, and how Google can respond accordingly.


Software Engineering intern

Google May 2018 - August 2018

As a Google SWE intern, I worked on Google’s Cloud IoT platform within a team of SWEs, designers, and PMs to overhaul the user interface for Google Cloud’s Internet of Things Platform, building and launching a new “fleet monitoring” feature that creates insightful data visualizations that report metrics for millions of IoT devices.

-> -> Press Coverage: Cloud IoT makes Device Activity Logging available

To test my feature was working properly, I devised a way for mocking device telemetry data to the IoT platform without the need for physical IoT devices. Along the way, I also created technical help articles about unit testing and onboarding for nooglers.

When my team ran into seemingly unsolvable technical issues, I would build relationships with engineers on other teams to figure out solutions to keep our feature on track, earning me a spot bonus from my manager.


Software Engineering intern

NASA Johnson Space Center June 2017 - August 2017

As a SWE intern at NASA JSC, I invented a real-time asset tracking system that uses bluetooth beacons to track NASA assets throughout the Center’s 1,600 acre campus. Eventually, my tracking system received ~$10,000 to be implemented as a campus-wide bike tracking program, winning the NASA JSC Director’s Choice Award. The company who created the beacon technology, Estimote, wrote an article featuring my work: After my internship, I coordinated with NASA the bike tracking program to ~300 bikes. Today, I still do technical consulting for the project.

-> -> Press Coverage: NASA JSC transcends space and time with custom built bike tracking system

Because there was no way to find specific buildings on the NASA JSC campus online, I created, a progressive web app that personnel use to navigate around NASA. I was recognized by JSC’s Director of Center Operations for saving NASA ~$200,000 in predicted costs associated with having to build a native iOS/android application. To this day, is featured in every intern onboarding presentation.